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cellophane tape cutting machine WPM-890S
cellophane tape cutting machine WPM-890S cellophane tape cutting machine WPM-890S
  • Cellophane Tape Cutting Machine WPM-890S

  • Item No : WPM-890S

  • Cellophane Tape-cutting Machine
    1. Easy Operation, It Can Be Cut Automatically Once Set Up The Cutting Length And Quantity.
    2. Self-protection Function, It Will Stop Automatically If The Materials Run Out During The Operation.
    3.High Speed,it Can Cut 100-120pcs Per Minute(50mm Length For Example)
    4. High Accuracy, The Cutting Length Is Accurate Owing To A Stepping Motor And Imported Driver.
    5. Reset The Function, Clear The Cut Numbers, And Restart Counting.
    6. Compensation, When The Cut Size Is Different From The Standard Size, It Can Adjust To The Standard Size.
    Apply For:
    Widely Used To Cut Kinds Of Woven Belts, Nylon Buckles, Lining, Fabric Tape Without Heat Seal, Plastic Zippers, 
    Metal Zipper, Plastic Lace, PVC Tube Leather, Aluminum Platinum, PS Material, And So On.
    We Supply Kinds Of Special Blades, Then You Can Get Different Shapes Of Cutting Edge.

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Detailed description

Hot Cut Satin Fabric Ribbon Cutting Machine, View automatic fabric ribbon cutting machine
1. Easy Operation, It can be cut automatically once set up the cutting length and quantity.
2. Self-protection Function, It will stop automatically if the materials run out during the operation.
3.High speed,it can cut 100-120pcs per minute(50mm length for example)
4. High Accuracy, the cutting length is accurate owing to a stepping motor and imported driver.
5. Reset the Function, clear the cut numbers, and restart counting.
6. Compensation, when the cut size is different from the standard size, it can adjust to the standard size.
Apply for:
Widely used to cut kinds of woven belts, nylon buckles, lining, fabric tape without heat seal, plastic zippers, 
metal zipper, plastic lace, PVC tube leather, aluminum platinum, PS material, and so on.
We supply kinds of special blades, then you can get different shapes of cutting edge.

Available Tape Width: 5~100mm
Available Cutting Length: 5~999999mm
Tape Cutting Speed: 100~120Pcs/Min
Cutting Tolerance:  ≤0.5mm
Cutting Type: Hot knives, Straight cut
Power Supply: AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Available Materials: Fabric, satin, webbing tapes, elastic tapes, and belts,
Tapes need heat-sealing edges, etc.
Measurement: 500*350*350mm 
Weight: 26kg 
Features: Easy Operation, 
 High Speed, High Accuracy 
 Self-protection & Memory Function 

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