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automatic usb connector soldering machine WPM-121-AM
automatic usb connector soldering machine WPM-121-AM
  • Automatic usb connector soldering machine WPM-121-AM

  • Model No: WPM-121-AM

  • automatic usb connector soldering machine
    Model WPM-121-AM
    Voltage AC220V/110V
    Power 600W
    Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPA
    Productivity 1000-1400pcs/h
    Dimension 800*600*1100MM(L*W*H)
    Mounting Moving on the ground
    Temp control model Constant temperature
    Soldering material Soldering wire
    Soldering angle 90 degree

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Detailed description
Automatic USB A Male soldering machine, Wire Soldering Machinery, Usb Wire Soldering Machines, Automatic USB Wire Soldering Machine
WPM-121-WPM- is a new advanced automatic machine for soldering USB A male with a cable which was researched and developed by our company. With advanced structure, easily operate, stable performance, environment production, and so on. WPM-121-WPM- can automatically complete all the production processes of cutting, stripping, soldering USB A male, and unloading at one time, it greatly reduces human input and operator intensity, solving the bad environment problems of the soldering process.
Efficiency improving: WPM-121-WPM- adopts a vibrating tray and placing wire by hand, it can adjust loading time based on the skilled degree of the operator, which can greatly improve the utilization of manpower and make production efficiency maximize.
Branded spare parts: Cylinder, pneumatic accessories, linear bearings, linear guides, and photoelectric control components are authentic brands. Super and reliable quality, stable performance, and long time working life.

Model    WPM-121-AM
Voltage    AC220V/110V
Power    600W
Air Pressure    0.5-0.8MPA
Productivity    1000-1400pcs/h
Dimension    800*600*1100MM(L*W*H)
Mounting    Moving on the ground
Temp control model    Constant temperature
Soldering material    Soldering wire
Soldering angle    90 degree


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