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nylon cable tying machine WPM-2502
nylon cable tying machine WPM-2502
  • Nylon Cable Tying Machine WPM-2502

  • Item No : WPM-2502

  • Nylon Cable Tying Machine
    1. Use Bulk Cable Ties, Vibration Feeding, And Transfer To The Gun Via A Hose.
    2. Pulling The Trigger, Automatically Wrapping, Perforating, Pulling & Tightening, Cutting Off, And Collecting The Waste Material Into The Waste Tank.
    3. The Whole Operation Takes Only 0.7s, One Machine Can Save 7-8 Operators.
    4. Different Waste Material Collecting Methods For Choosing.
    5. Ergonomic Hand Shank Design, Comfortable To Hold & Operate.
    6. Binding Force Is Adjustable By Turning The Knob.
    7. PLC + Touch Panel Controlling, Easy To Manage.
    8. Could Be Fixed As A Desktop Type, And Could Be Applied To A Full Automation Line.
     Applicable Industry
     Cable Binding Especially Is Suitable For The Application Of Onsite Assembly For Planes, Cars, Trains, Ships, Appliances, Telecom Equipment, Toys, Etc. It Is Also Suitable For Goods Fixing & Packing, Joints Fixing Of Gas & Liquid Pipes, And For The Sealing Of Food Packing And Liquid & Material Packing In Bags.

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Detailed description
nylon cable tying machine/Nylon cable tie gun machine/cable braiding machine/Hand-held automatic nylon cable tie machine, Handheld Nylon Cable Tie Machine (WPM-2502)
Cable tie spec   2.5*(80 -120mm)
processing speed    0.7sec/pcs
Min banding Diameter    1.0 mm Max banding dia. for wire:25 mm 
Electrical power    
 Host AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Gun DC 24V 
   Pneumatic pressure    5 Kg/ cm2
Max banding dia. for tube    18 mm    Size    
Host: L 650 X W 550 X H 650 mm
Gun 220X 85 X 52 mm
1. Use bulk cable ties, vibration feeding, and transfer to the gun via a hose.
2. Pulling the trigger, automatically Wrapping, Perforating, Pulling & Tightening, Cutting off, and Collecting the waste material into the waste tank.
3. The whole operation takes only 0.7s, one machine can save 7-8 operators.
4. Different waste material collecting methods for choosing.
5. Ergonomic hand shank design, comfortable to hold & operate.
6. Binding force is adjustable by turning the knob.
7. PLC + Touch Panel controlling, easy to manage.
8. Could be fixed as a desktop type, and could be applied to a full automation line.
 Applicable industry
 Cable binding especially is suitable for the application of onsite assembly for Planes, cars, trains, Ships, Appliances, Telecom equipment, Toys, etc. It is also suitable for goods fixing & packing, joints fixing of gas & liquid pipes, and for the sealing of food packing and liquid & material packing in bags.

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